Enduro Word of the Week: SMILEY (body part)

Having a smiley is not always a good thing.

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smiley (smy-lee) n. The part of your lower back that often gets exposed to the sun when cycling in a small triathlon top and shorts, resulting in a crescent shape that can vary in size from a sliver to a big grin, and color, from tan to purple, depending on the level of sun damage achieved.

OMG! My smiley is fried from Wildflower!
Oh poo, I forgot to sunscreen my smiley!
Your smiley is grinning at me.

Do not neglect the smiley, or you won’t be able to wear clothes that touch your back, lie on your back, do back extensions, bend over or otherwise enjoy your life until your back blisters and the miracle of cellular regeneration replaces it with new, albeit older-looking and spotty, smiley skin.