A “Relieved” Wanjiru Running London Marathon

The Kenyan marathon ace has resumed his training.

The Kenyan marathon ace has resumed his training.

Despite a turn of bad events that rivals Charlie Sheen, 2008 Olympic gold medalist Sammy Wanjiru has announced that he is running this April’s Virgin London Marathon. This news comes as a surprise considering the fact that in the past three months Wanjiru has been accused of attempted murder by his wife and was nearly killed in an automobile accident.

According to an article posted on All, Wanjiru said his training “was in progress” despite these setbacks. Although he admitted running had been challenging in light of the circumstances.

However, Wanjiru received some good news yesterday when his wife agreed to drop all charges against the Kenyan runner. Wanjiru’s security guard, who had originally accused Wanjiru of hitting him with the butt of an illegal assault rifle, also dropped his charges.

“I have been having a hard time since January but now I can breath a sigh of relief after she withdrew the case. We are now together and she is really supporting me in my training,” Wanjiru said.

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