Despite Riots IOC “Confident” About London Olympics

A lot of security contingency planning has taken place.

The IOC remains confident about the future of the Olympics in London next year despite the current riots going on. Photo:

A lot of security contingency planning has taken place.

The news of mass rioting coming out of London recently has raised fears and concerns from many fans planning to attend next summer’s Olympics in London. Trying to play down these fears, the International Olympic Committee says that it is “confident” in London’s ability to police the 2012 Olympic Games.

It went on to insist that the London Olympic Organizing Committee will be able to cope with the demands of hosting the event.

“Security at the Olympic Games is a top priority for the IOC,” a spokesman for the organization said to CNN. “It is, however, directly handled by the local authorities, as they know best what is appropriate and proportionate. We are confident they will do a good job in this domain.”

London’s organizers have indicated that they are meeting with Metropolitan Police and the Home Office in order to best assess how to handle the Games next year.

“A lot of detailed work has taken place regarding security plans for the Games,” a spokesman said.

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