Des Linden’s Tweets Reveal Hilarious Reality Of Marathon Training

The first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years is gearing up for next month’s NYC Marathon and tweeting her way through the process.

Des Linden is the rare champion distance runner who makes her heroics seem relatable. Yes, she was the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years, but she also drinks whiskey! She loves Gucci Mane! Taylor Swift kissed her on the cheek! (Okay, maybe not that last one).

The 35-year-old is currently training for next month’s TCS New York City Marathon, where she will join defending champion Shalane Flanagan as the top American entrants. Both women have a legitimate shot at winning what could be a second Abbott World Major Marathon title, and in true Linden fashion, the Brooks-sponsored runner is keeping things lighthearted on her social media feed in the lead-up to the race.

Last week, Linden made a joke about how high mileage makes lightweights out of the best of us: “Enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner, hit me so hard I tipped 30%. This is fitness.”

But at least she wasn’t drinking whiskey.

The tweet took off in the online running community, with fellow professional marathoners Scott Smith, Tim Ritchie, Scott Fauble and Lindsay Flanagan sharing their #ThisIsFitness confessions.

Plenty of regular, non-professional runners joined in the oversharing session, too.

Like most races, though, Linden wins this contest.