The former middle-distance great admits more events should be held in Africa.

Sebastian Coe is definitely a who’s-who in the running world. Earlier this year, the former world-record holder and four-time Olympic medalist was primarily responsible for orchestrating the 2012 Games in London.

Now, the British Lord says it’s time to take sporting events elsewhere–like Africa.

“You are going to need to share our big sporting moments,” Coe said. “But that presents challenges and puts more pressure on the organisations like the International Olympic Committee [IOC] and FIFA because inevitably these countries have less expertise and experience in delivering major championships.”

Coe says that now is the time to move venues to Africa.

“The issue is about timing,” he admitted. “The challenge is to protect the interests of competitors at all times.”

Coe made these remarks at the Doha Goals conference in Qatar. In addition to the Summer Olympics, London also hosted the Paralympics earlier this year.

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