BOA Chicago Marathon
BOA Chicago Marathon

The impact of the race extends well beyond the great boost to the local economy.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has announced several new initiatives aimed at growing community relations. Among the initiatives is a new digital fundraising program that will allow charities to earn an additional $55,000. The program involves having fans, runners, supporters, or anyone else interested in the race to submit a photo and message that will be added to a picture of a shoe tread. Each submission will earn the 22 official charities $1, up to the $55,000 maximum.

The race has also added a new marketing element that will highlight seven diverse participants in the race and their stories. The campaign will be featured all over the city prior to race day. Race director Carey Pinkowski says the idea of the campaign is to show how everyone, no matter how little, effects the race and makes the race what it is.

Lastly, the race has announced that there are officially 8,000 runners entered in the race that will be raising money for over 120 charities, worldwide. It is estimated that a total of $10million will be raised during the 2009 event. The money is spread throughout local, national and global charities.

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