Charmin Offers “Mad Pooper” A Year’s Worth Of Toilet Paper

A few toilet paper companies have tweeted out that they'll supply the "mad pooper" with toilet paper if she turns herself in.

Much like the whereabouts of D.B. Cooper, Tupac and the ending of “The Sopranos,” the identity of the “mad pooper” still remains a mystery.

Last week we brought you the story of the Colorado Springs, Colo., woman who, for reasons still unknown, continues to terrorize the Budde family by stopping on her runs to poop on their lawn. Consider this an update—or story No. 2.

A video about the mystery pooper appeared on YouTube over the weekend, in which a man claiming to be a “spokesperson” for the woman said she will remain anonymous. He added an apology, saying the woman had issues following a “TBI” (traumatic brain injury) which has led to mental instability and a lack of bowel control.

The validity of the video could not immediately be verified, though at least one Denver television reporter tweeted out the video.

A spokesman for the Colorado Springs Police Department said last week that while the viral story has humorous undertones, they are being sensitive to the fact that mental health could play a role.

According to the Budde family, in the original report, the woman has used their lawn at least seven weeks in a row despite public restrooms being available less than a block away.

Eager to squeeze out some publicity, at least two bathroom-centric companies have reached out to the mad pooper by way of social media, urging the woman to turn herself in.

Last week, toilet paper powerhouse Charmin offered the woman a year’s supply of toilet paper “to help with her ‘runs’” if she turned herself in.


charmin tweet


Squatty Potty (you might know this company from its viral ads of unicorns doing their business in rainbow form), tweeted that their product could help the mystery woman with her problems.

The story went viral last week after it was reported by local CBS affiliate KKTV in Colorado. And of course, the internet loves to dig into some sh… stuff like this. Twitter was ablaze with new nicknames for the woman … such as the Femme Fecale and Charmin San Diego.

The woman could face charges of indecent exposure and public defecation.

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