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Brooks Survey Reveals the Habits of Everyday Runners

Some of the habits of runners have been unearthed in a new survey.

In honor of National Running Day on June 3, Brooks has released their third annual Brooks Run Happy Nation report. The survey explores what makes runners tick—from going commando to preferring a run buddy over a fitness tracker to our biggest run-peeves. Conducted by Wakefield Research, the study looks at 1,000 adult runners, ages 18 and above, in the U.S., Canada and Germany, who run at least once per week. Here’s what they found—the answers may surprise you!

The best running partner…

With the wearable tech craze upon us, it would seem solo-running with your running gadget is enough company. However, according to the study:

  • 32 percent of Americans say they’d choose a friend as their go-to training partner
  • 24 percent prefer a digital fitness tracker
  • 20 percent run with their dog

In the bedroom…

Apparently, all those endorphins from running can extend to some frisky business in the bedroom and vice versa.

  • 35 percent of Americans (and 48 percent of Americans under 40) improved their running performance after knocking boots with their significant other
  • 41 percent of Americans revealed they felt “frisky” after hitting the pavement

What runners wear underneath…

We all know what runners typically wear for a run, but what do most runners wear underneath?

  • 62 percent of American women prefer briefs, while 8 percent admit to going full commando
  • 72 percent of German women prefer granny panties for more coverage
  • 11 percent of Canadian women choose to go commando under their running shorts

Where to run…

With 47 percent of respondents choosing the trails as their favorite running surface and 27 percent choosing the Grand Canyon as the number one run-cation spot, the survey also looks at what runners do when unbearably cold weather hits.

  • 43 percent of respondents would hop on a treadmill instead of missing their run
  • 52 percent of Germans brave the cold by continuing to run outside versus 29 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Canadians

Hollywood inspirations…

When asked which award-winning running scene they most connected with:

  • 32 percent of respondents relate to “Forrest Gump” and just keep running
  • 26 percent have the eye of the tiger like “Rocky”
  • 18 percent relate to Bradley Cooper’s garbage bag, solo running in “Silver Linings Playbook”

What runners can’t live without…

Sometimes what you bring or don’t bring on a run can be the greatest difference between a solid and horrible session out on the road.

  • 53 percent of runners surveyed must run with their music
  • 18 percent say that pockets are key
  • 13 percent need to wear performance socks specifically to feel good

The runners dilemma…

Anything can happen on a run, but the most annoying instances among respondents are:

  • Feet covered in blisters (43 percent)
  • Nature calling with no toilet in sight (32 percent)
  • Chafing everywhere (14 percent)