Brooks Survey Explores the Reasons Behind Our Love of Running

From sports bras to sex to selfies, every topic was on the table.

In celebration of Global Running Day on June 1st, Brooks Running conducted a worldwide survey of thousands of consumers who run two or more times a week. It’s an interesting look at our love of running and everything that goes along with it.

Here are a few of the more intriguing finds—the complete results can be found on Brooks Running’s blog:

The Power of Running

About 97 percent of runners thinks going for a run makes their day better. Most runners (57 percent) report that their best creative ideas come to them during runs.

Running and Selfies Go Together

Worldwide, nearly 60 percent of runners share their runs on social media. Facebook is the most popular platform. Some 35 percent of runners surveyed say they take selfies during their runs.

Women and Running

Women around the world report that the top concern when running is a lack of support from their sports bra (30 percent).

Of females in the U.S., 65 percent say they would wear their sports bra instead of their regular bra if they found the right fit.

Nearly half of female runners surveyed (48 percent) say they’ll run or consider running in just their sports bra. Women in the U.S. are most likely to ditch their shirt, while women in France are least likely.

Makeup or no? Some 56 percent of women say they wear makeup on the run at least sometimes, while 44 percent say they never would.

Running to the Bedroom

More than half of runners (54 percent) say the energy boost from running is a natural turn-on.

Brooks asked runners to compare their intimacy style to running. About 34 percent preferred the slow-and-steady style of a marathon, 37 percent compared it to intervals, and 19 percent compared it to—oddly—mud runs.