Brain-Damaged Former Daredevil Completes Marathon

It took him nearly two months to do it.

Eddie Kidd, former motorcycle daredevil, has been walking the London Marathon course for nearly two months. Photo: BBC

It took him nearly two months to do it.

In the prime of his youth, Eddie Kidd was one of the best daredevil motorcycle riders–someone who rivaled the once-great Evel Knievel. In 1979, he made a name for himself jumping across and 84-foot-wide derelict bridge in Essex, England.

Then in 1993, he bettered Robbie Knievel, Evel’s son, by successfully jumping over the Great Wall of China.

But in 1996, his life changed forever when he sustained brain injuries in a crash at a motorcycle rally in Warwickshire. The crash left him with restricted speech and mobility. However, in the past seven years, Kidd has been fighting to regain his lost strength.

Always up for a challenge, Kidd told his wife last Christmas that he wanted to complete the London Marathon. Since then, the former daredevil has been walking a mile a day in a specially designed frame. On April 17, Kidd started the marathon with all the other competitors. He’s been slowly walking the course wth one goal: finish it.

“It’s been harder than we thought. It’s been a real hard challenge, really tough,” said his wife. “It’s put him through so much. He’s been exhausted and frustrated and made up his own swear words because he’s run out of the normal ones to use.”

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