Bobby Curtis Aiming For London Despite Insomnia

He's been struggling with it since 2004.

Bobby Curtis has been dealing with insomnia for over seven years. Photo: NY Daily News

He’s been struggling with it since 2004.

Former Villanova standout Bobby Curtis has big plans. He is hoping to make the American 10,000m team that heads to the 2012 Olympics in London. Besides the normal challenges distance runners face in achieving breakthrough performances, Curtis has to deal with one additional hurdle: sleep.

“For five years all I did was think about sleep,” Curtis recalls. “It totally consumed me. You keep searching. You have so many unanswered questions, so much anxiety. You don’t want to think there’s something wrong with you emotionally, but you wonder ….”

Curtis first wrestled with sleep problems back in 2004 when he was to represent Villanova at a race in the Armory. He couldn’t sleep that night. It bothered him. Then it got worse; he couldn’t sleep the following night and then the third night.

“The fire was lit in my head, and the whole emotional preoccupation with sleep began,” he said.

After numerous nights with no sleep, Curtis tried to get as much help as possible, turning to experts and even the Internet.

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