Ben Rosario Launches Online Store For Running Fans

Posters, books, DVDs and more will be available for fans to purchase.

Posters, books, DVDs and more will be available for fans to purchase.

There are plenty of running shops that specialize in selling top-end shoes and socks, nutrition and hydration, the best moisture-wicking fabrics, and more.

But what about running fans?

Ben Rosario, a former specialty running store owner and the meet director for the 2012 and 2013 USA Cross Country Championships, and his wife Jen came up with a solution that fills this gap in the market:

The online retail store’s entire inventory is geared toward the running fan. Posters, books and DVDs are available for purchase. In the future, Rosario also plans to add an interactive section to the website. Content will include blogs, pictures, videos and a weekly radio show.

“The show will sort of be like the message boards come to life,” Rosario said in a press release. “I’ll host and bring on athletes, coaches and industry insiders as guests but we’ll also take calls from listeners which I think will be a lot of fun.”

The other part of Rosario’s business plan is Team RunFan, an elite development running squad he will coach. According to the release, 1:03 half marathoner Matt Llano, Arkansas All-American and SEC cross country champion Eric Fernandez, and 2:13 marathoner Jordan Chipangama are the team’s founding members.

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