Bekele Focuses On Marathon Debut

The Ethiopian legend may be in London next year.

The Ethiopian legend may be in London next year.

Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia is perhaps one of the greatest distance runners in the history of the sport. After all, the 31-year-old owns three Olympic gold medals and has prevailed at the World Championships five times.

However, the past three years have not been good to Bekele, who has been struggling with persistent injury.

But he’s not done yet.

Bekele is preparing to debut in the marathon and it could come as soon as London next year.

“If I am going to do a marathon, of course, I want to win,” he told the IAAF. “I want to have a good result. I am not going to run to lose or just for a bad result. Everybody, not only me, feels that when you are going to compete, you are going to try to win the race.”

“Of course, if I train hard I will do a fast time. But I can’t say I will run 2:03, 2:05 or 2:06. I cannot say. The only thing is I have to prepare myself and train hard until I finish a marathon. I have to motivate myself to train hard to be ready to put myself in a good position. We will see in the end what will be the result.”

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