A Banner Day For Detroit Marathon

There was a record turnout at the race's 36th edition.

There was a record turnout at the race’s 36th edition.

Without a doubt, Sunday’s Detroit Free Press Marathon was a huge success in one particular area: participation. The 36th edition of the race included 27,300 starters and 21,300 finishers.

“I was so nervous, especially on the bridge, which was so steep,” remarked Tina Sturgis, a first-timer. “But once I started, I realized I can do this.”

Turnout aside, the marathon was successful in terms of safety and security with no major medical or other events that hampered execution.

“This has been a wonderful day, and we’re glad so many people came out,” executive race director Rich Harshbarger said.

Selfless running was another highlight of race with $2.5 million raised for good causes from 24 charities. The largest charitable organization taking part in Detroit was Kensington Church, with 1400 people taking part. The runners were there to raise money for new wells in Kenya and other developing parts of Africa.

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