Over 5,000 Runners Who Qualified To Miss Out On Boston Marathon

The BAA has sent out their official notices to runners who were both accepted—and not accepted—into the Boston Marathon.

The entry period for the 2018 Boston Marathon is closed and the Boston Athletic Association reported that they received 28,260 total applications. Currently, 23,198 have been accepted or are in the process of being accepted.

This means that 5,062 who were eligible and applied for the 122nd Boston Marathon—taking place Monday, April 16, 2018—were unable to be accepted. The field size is set for 30,000 entrants, including elites, those who qualified and charity runners.

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Each year as the number of qualifiers grow—along with the number of applicants—it becomes harder and harder for runners to get into the Holy Grail of races. Many runners who meet the qualifying standards for their age group often don’t get accepted due to the large number of runners attempting to get in based on a rolling application basis. This year, qualifiers had to be 3 minutes, 23 seconds (3:23) or faster than the qualifying time for their age group and gender to be accepted into the 2018 Boston Marathon.

You can compare this to past years, where qualifiers needed to be 2 minutes, 9 seconds or faster for their age group and gender for the 2017 Boston Marathon; 2 minutes, 28 seconds or faster for the 2016 Boston Marathon; 1 minute, 2 seconds or faster for the 2015 Boston Marathon; and 1 minute, 38 seconds or faster for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

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“Each year, thousands of marathoners across the globe aspire to qualify for, compete in, and ultimately finish the Boston Marathon,” said Tom Grilk, B.A.A. Chief Executive Officer, via press release. “For many runners, completing the Boston Marathon is viewed as the ultimate goal in athletics. Informing those who have qualified that there is simply not enough space for everyone in the field is immensely difficult. Our entire organization at the B.A.A. has worked hard to ensure a fair process that gives runners who have qualified the best opportunity to enter the Boston Marathon. We thank runners for their understanding, cooperation, and support of the Boston Marathon year in and year out. We recognize and applaud their determination to participate in the Boston Marathon.”