2011 National Run a Mile Days Set for May 1-8

May 6th is the anniversary of Roger Bannister's world's first sub-4 minute mile.

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May 6th is the anniversary of Roger Bannister’s world’s first sub-4 minute mile.

From: Running USA

BETHESDA, Md. – The American Running Association (ARA) will host and promote the 4th National Run a Mile Days starting May 1 and lasting through May 8, 2011. Participating schools and organizations may include elementary, middle and high schools, track clubs and community organizations. ARA and our partner Youth Runner Magazine will post stories and photos from multiple event sites across the U.S.

“We are seeking elementary, middle school and high schools in all 50 states to host a Miler Day,” said ARA’s Executive Director Dave Watt. “We are committed to supporting schools and groups committed to the Run a Mile Days concept.”

Host schools, running clubs and communities are encouraged to incorporate the “Miler” event into their PE class planners as well as community events.

“Running the Mile is a measure of fitness as well as a great distance to kick start a commitment to a healthier lifestyle,” added Watt.

ARA will sponsor a Miler host site in all 50 states in 2011. Each selected event will receive recognition awards or Run a Mile Days certificates for participants in their mile events. Completion certificates and posters will be provided to select schools. Results and photos will be posted on both the ARA website ( and on the Youth Runner website (

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May 6th is the anniversary date of the world’s first sub-4 minute mile as Roger Bannister showed the world in 1954 that the sub-4 minute mile was not a barrier. To this day, the sub-4 minute mile is a cherished achievement by male runners worldwide. ARA honors Sir Roger Bannister’s achievement on Run a Mile Days. His tenacity and commitment to challenge a perceived impenetrable barrier can be a lesson for anyone facing a seemingly out of reach goal.

The National Run a Mile Days™ is produced by the Bethesda, MD – based American Running Association (ARA). ARA is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 to promote healthy living and active lifestyles among all Americans. It is dedicated to supporting runners through education and specialized programs, as well as encouraging all individuals from youths to adults to run and be fit.

For more information about the ARA or to learn more about the Walk and Run programs, visit: