Linsey Corbin just won her fifth full-length Ironman at IM Austria, setting a course record and a new American IM record. It takes a ton of training and a ton of calories to get across the finish line that fast. Here Linsey shares some unexpected nutrition and training tidbits.

Q: What motivates you to keep moving when your body is exhausted?

A: During racing and training, it is inevitable that we are all going to reach a low point of motivation. First things first, I evaluate if I need some calories. Next, I come up with a small attainable goal – such as, “hold on for five more minutes” or “make it to the next aid station”. Lastly, I think of all the hard work I am putting in (if I am training) or all of the hard work I put in (if I am racing) and how I don’t want to waste a single opportunity!

Q: How do you remember to fuel consistently during a race, especially if the weather conditions are distracting?

A: My best advice for fueling is to practice it during training, to the point that it becomes habit. Also, breaking up your training sessions into fueling segments (for myself, it’s eating every 20 minutes) is a great way to get through a long day. By the time race day comes, the habit is engrained and you don’t have to think about it. It also trains your body to adapt to your fueling plan.

Q: During a race, when do you start preparing for the next segment?

A: The last stretch of the swim, I try to visualize what my transition to the bike will look like. I also try to relax, knowing my heart rate will be crazy running to my bike. Towards the end of the bike ride, I try to shift into an easier gear and spin my legs out to prepare them for the run. I also top off my fuel stores.

Q: Do you have any race day rituals?

A: Great question – I have a few things. I always call or email my parents beforehand. I take a CLIF SHOT Energy Gel, Double Expresso, 30 minutes before the start, and I always wear brand new socks for the marathon.

Q: Any ideas how triathlon racing will change in the future?

A: I think our sport is growing at a rapid rate. It is still a young sport with lots to learn. I think athletes are only going to get faster and stronger over time. We are learning to test our limits, and I think through experience we are learning that we haven’t come close to what our limits are. I also think there will be more and more people competing in triathlons as it is a great lifestyle and way to stay healthy!


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