Can you hear me now? Runners aren’t a super chatty bunch—every breath counts—but this new earpiece technology could change the way we communicate with one another on the road or trail.

How does it work?

The Bonx Grip earpiece ($140) enables group communication with up to 10 users anywhere in the world. It uses Bluetooth technology on your phone, and the Bonx app taps into your cellular reception to connect everyone in the same chat room. Precise voice detection helps distinguish human voices from outdoor noises. And because the earpieces are meant for active users, its hand-free design is both shock-resistant and waterproof. A grip-like ear hook ensures it stays on your ear during the roughest activities.

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Why should runners take note?

This device could be particularly helpful for runners who need to stay connected. For example, during ultras and marathons, runners and their support crews can check in throughout the race. Running groups can chat away with ease without having to stay on pace with one another. It could even be used as a training device for coaches on the track, providing live—and private— feedback. We’re buzzing with creative ways to use it.

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