Boulder, CO, May 8, 2009Winning Time, a leader in chip timing systems, has been approved as a Green company by the Environmental Protection Agency’s renowned Wastewise Program. The company received the award based on their design of long-lasting, reusable timing chips as well as recycled materials.

The EPA Wastewise Program recognizes companies which help promote the green movement by cutting back on landfills and disposing of materials correctly. Winning Time’s reusable design model, incorporation of replaceable batteries, and recycling of plastics, paper, and metals have allowed for this partnership. No zip ties are needed so nothing gets thrown away after the race. “The growing trend in the endurance industry is offering eco-friendly solutions to athletes”, comments Julia Vitarello, VP of Winning Time Americas, “and equally as important is the accuracy of results. Winning Time offers an affordable solution that conquers both.”

The makers of the Winning Time systems have practiced green measures for years, and their efforts have finally been met by the EPA certification. The company’s chips last more than a decade, and are easily and quickly attached and detached from the athlete’s ankle, bib or bike. “After working hard to design durable, reusable chips which guarantee accuracy, we are thrilled to see that races and athletes around the US are increasingly interested in eco-friendly solutions”, says Vitarello. “We’ve seen that races which make the effort to meet green industry standards benefit from standing out in the crowd and attracting new sponsorship opportunities”. Among the many races which Winning Time services, the Lilac Bloomsday Run and the Boulder Marathon chose the company as one of their efforts to make their race eco-friendly, while at the same time guaranteeing the highest level of scoring possible.

Winning Time offers easy, green, and reliable timing solutions for any type of race.

About Winning Time Americas

Winning Time, the world leader in chip-timing since 1995, now offers the highest level of both Passive and Active chip technology. While taking on over 2,000 events per year in 20 countries in Running, Triathlon, Cycling, Skiing, Cross Country and more, we continue to advance our technology and expand into new markets.

Our company is the proud timer of the world’s largest events, including the Lilac Bloomsday Run and the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, each with over 45,000 timed participants. Continually chosen as official partner of Seiko since 1999, Winning Time has timed over 100 IAAF World Championships in Race Walking, Marathons, Cross Country and Road Races.

Winning Time distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering the most reliable, accurate and versatile products, as well as top notch customer support. Our timing partners benefit from an extensive initial training on both the equipment and the scoring software of choice, a comprehensive rental program of chips and equipment, and much more.