Watch: Inspiring Film on Ultra-Champion Anna Frost’s Life

New film shares how ultra trail champion Anna Frost gained her love of exploring, her rise to running success—victories, struggles and perspectives—and her current transition to motherhood.

Merrell has recently released a 15-minute film on the life of Anna Frost, from early childhood, through becoming an ultra trail champion, to her current transition of being a mother.

The amazing running scenery and inspiring race footage is well worth the watch, as well as the perspectives Frost shares on victories, struggles and pressures.

“We didn’t go into running because we wanted to be in the limelight,” Frost says about a point in her life where the social media pressures began to erode what she loved about the sport. “We went running because we wanted the solitude.”

As the film ends, Frost looks forward to new challenges and joys. “I’m excited for the change in my life. I’m excited for a new chapter. I’m excited to show her everything I’ve seen. I’m excited to teach my child to move, to explore…”

You can watch the film here: