Trail of the Week: Westmoreland Sanctuary, New York

Untouched wilderness explored by singletrack in New York.

Our Trail of the Week feature is made possible through a partnership with Trail Run Project.

The miles of trails inside Westmoreland Sanctuary explores 640 unblemished acres of wilderness in New York, about an hour north of New York City.

This route features all singletrack trails. The trails give a feeling of wilderness as you pass cliffs, ridges, ponds, and boardwalks. There are some mushy areas for parts of the year, so be prepared with proper footwear. Users won’t be disappointed, as it is a beautiful park.

This specific run features Cole’s Kettle, a natural pond/wetland area formed by glaciers. All of the surrounding forest drains into the kettle and then into the ground water for nearby wells.

Eventually, the trails can be used to connect over the highway to Butler Sanctuary.

The Data

Miles: 5.4

Runnable: 92 percent

Average Grade: 5 percent

Max Grade: 22 percent

Total Ascent: 717 feet

Total Descent: -711 feet

Highest Elevation: 721  feet

For a closer look, check out the interactive map, data, photos and virtual run simulator courtesy of Trail Run Project: