Whether it’s some new fad pronounced with a silent “j,” a hobby that will make you “look great naked,” or a faster way to stalk your secret crush, jogging is a universal activity. However, not every jogger is the same. As portrayed in these five movie clips, jogging can mean something different to everybody. So, which movie jogger are you?

1. The Serious Jogger (Anchorman)

You cancel plans with friends so you can try out this new health kick called jogging that your girlfriend (or boyfriend) says will be good for you. You’re so serious about jogging that you pronounce it with a silent (and more sophisticated) “j” and call it “yogging.”

2. The Weight-Loss Jogger (The Switch)

You jog so you can eat, and you prefer to eat while you jog … on a treadmill.

3. The Sexy Jogger (American Beauty)

As Kevin Spacey simply puts it, you just want to look good naked. Forget health and fitness, it’s all about the post-jog sexy bod!

4. The Cheap Jogger (Bridesmaids)

The only jogging you’ll be doing is when you get caught trying to freeload off of an expensive boot camp class. Also, interpretive dancing is a required warm-up exercise before your jog.

5. The Angry Stalker/Trash Bag-Wearing Jogger (Silver Linings Playbook)

We hope not many of you fall into this category, but if you do, then you have some serious jogging issues to work out.