After seeing Ryan Hall’s impressive growth last weekend, I had to see how he stacked up amongst other well-known bearded runners.

Written by: Mario Fraioli

I had the good fortune of spending some time with Ryan Hall this past weekend at the Endurance LIVE Consumer Show & Awards Gala here in San Diego. I almost didn’t recognize the American half-marathon record holder hiding behind the out-of-control offshoot emanating from his chin.¬†The growth was so gnarly it almost didn’t look real.

“I stuck it on there this morning,” he joked.

Ryan’s gargantuan growth of gnarlyness reminded me of my former college rival, Nate Jenkins, who was rockin’ this Paul Bunyan-like beard two years ago in the 3,000-meter final at the U.S. Indoor Championships. I was instantly fascinated, and went on a search earlier this week to see what other well-known runners had full-on facial fuzz that rivaled Ryan’s. My mind was instantly blown! In my research I discovered¬†The Running Beard Movement Facebook Page, a page “created as a place for all bearded runners and those who support them to celebrate and promote the greatness of all forms of running beards!” Trust me, it’s worth three minutes of your time.

So without further ado I present to you the results of my recent research. Click on the images below to see who made the cut, and why. Warning: Pogonophobics please proceed with caution.

Top-5 Bearded Runners Of All Time: #1 Anthony Famiglietti
Top-5 Bearded Runners Of All Time: #2 Fred Lebow
Top-5 Bearded Runners Of All Time: #5 Anton Krupicka
Top-5 Bearded Runners Of All Time: #3 Lee Fidler
Top-5 Bearded Runners Of All Time: #4 Nate Jenkins
Top-5 Bearded Runners Of All-Time: Ryan Hall (Honorable Mention)