The Everyman: I’m Thankful For …

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is here, so it’s time for another one of those “I am thankful for __” stories.

Here’s my list, tailored toward my amateur athletic pursuits:


Having the health to compete in races and push myself is most definitely something to be thankful for. Injuries are one thing, but serious illnesses and diseases are something entirely different. Being able to run and bike and swim without worry is a blessing.

Family And Friends

I wouldn’t be an amateur athlete without the family and friends I work out with and draw support from. Group rides and runs are the best, and swim workouts are made easier with my wife or other members of our circle.


From high-tech fabrics to electronic gadgets that keep track of our pace, heart rate, cadence, distance traveled and so many other pieces of data, endurance sports seem to get easier and easier. All we have to do is swim, bike or run—everything else is taken care of. Kind of. You know what I mean.

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Lots Of Options

There are so many races out there that there’s really no excuse not to compete, particularly in running. There’s a race every weekend. Whether you’re a 5K runner, a long-distance athlete or something in between, you’ve got plenty of options. I challenge you to finish reading this story and then go sign up for a race.

Turkey Trots

It’s true, I’m thankful for the annual Thanksgiving Day races across the United States. How else am I going to eat all that food? At the very least, I’ll hopefully go into Thanksgiving dinner at a calorie deficit for the day.

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