What’s worth believing and what can you take with a grain of salt?

As runners, we hear it all the time — running as far as we do can’t possibly be good for us.

Naysayers will say running is hard on the body and it will ruin your knees and hips and make you sore and stiff. But what about the seemingly endless research that says running is good for your legs and lungs and can make you a healthier human being? What are the facts and which of these claims are just myths?

We talked to some coaches and doctors to get to the bottom of it all and debunk some of the most common myths heard in running circles.

1. You Need To Have A Certain Body Type
2. Stretch Before You Run
3. Runners Don't Need To Strength Train
4. Barefoot Running Will Reduce Injuries
5. You Have To Run Every Day To Improve
6. Running Is Bad For Your Knees
7. Drink At Every Water Station
8. Potassium Will Prevent Cramping
9. Running Is Supposed To Be Hard
10. Cushioned Shoes Will Prevent Injury