Tales from the Trail: Bigfoot in Ohio

Located in southeastern Ohio, Salt Fork State Park is ground zero for Sasquatch sightings.

Location: Salt Fork State Park, Ohio

Trail: Morgan’s Knob Loop

Salt Fork State Park, located in southeastern Ohio, is a rich landscape of rolling woodlands, snaking streams, misty valleys, colorful meadows, and a 3,000-acre lake enshrouded by lush oak and hickory trees.

The extensive trail system winding through the state park is a haven for trail runners, hikers, bikers, and Bigfoot enthusiasts alike. Salt Fork has long been rumored to be the dwelling of the mythical part-human, part-ape creature also known as Sasquatch, the Ohio Grassman, and Yeti.

It shouldn’t be terribly difficult to imagine why a creature hiding out from humanity should want to make his or her home in this magnificent 17,229-acre park! In fact, there have been more than 30 documented sightings of Bigfoot since the 1970s. It’s even the site of the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference held every May at the park.

This January, two men taking a leisurely nature stroll through the park saw more wildlife than they bargained for when they allegedly crossed baths with a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like individual appearing to be Sasquatch itself.

“Seeing the creature was scary,” said Nathan Gray, one of the two men involved in the sighting. “When I couldn’t see it anymore, that was terrifying.”

Several trails in Salt Fork State Park have been the locations of Bigfoot sightings including Morgan’s Knob, Parker Road (or “Buckeye Trail”), and, of course, Bigfoot Ridge.

Morgan's knob loop
Morgan’s Knob Loop