Staff Blog: Go Go Gadget…No, Really, Go!

When all was said and done I decided I was forever breaking up with this un-named gadget.

When all was said and done I decided I was forever breaking up with this un-named gadget.

A couple weeks ago I headed out on a run. My plan was to do an 8-mile marathon pace session. I’d warm up for two miles then pick up the pace for the final six miles. Wanting to track my splits and keep myself entertained I decided to bring along an iPod and a new little gadget that would tell me my pace, distance covered, time and heart rate.

Or, so I thought that is what it was going to tell me.

After not having used my iPod in months because of my injury, of course it was lost in the depths of my room, so I borrowed a friend’s. All signals go, I was running to the Beatles, Dave Matthews Band and some 80’s rock while my little gadget was reporting my elapsed time and my heart rate every five minutes. Needing to know my pace, I got a little concerned that the gadget wasn’t going to give me some more of the information I thought I had set it up to give me. Just over a mile in I decided to try to change the settings. I was fumbling around with it while running, got it to restart in a new setting and finally getting the stats I needed. I was running on pace, the sun was shinning and I almost started singing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” out loud.

Until…the gadget reset itself. “Ok, no biggy,” I thought to myself. “I sort of know how far I’ve gone. I’ll just keep going and restart it.” Until…it reset itself again. And again, until it was resetting itself every two tenths to six tenths of a mile. Frustration was not even a word suitable to describe how I was feeling. Fully committed to completing my workout at the times my coach gave me — no matter the technical glitch — I continued to reset the gadget every time and keep running. Until, that is, the iPod died. As our humor columnist Susan Lacke would say, the endurance gods were just not on my side that day.

Nonetheless, I finished my run, and after doing some serious math to figure out my distance, time and pace, I found out that I hit all my splits and even accidentally added on an extra mile. Hallelujah! Frustrated that all the technical difficulties almost ruined my run, I still relished in my runner’s high.

When all was said and done I decided I was forever breaking up with this un-named gadget (think of the awesome new Taylor Swift song—we are never ever getting back together) and I also decided that sometimes non-gadget running is the best. Just me and my running shoes. No technical difficulties, no being upset when something dies or malfunctions and no worries I won’t hit my splits. Ahhh!

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Are you attached at the hip to all of your favorite running gadgets? Or do you prefer to run without any of the crazy robotic tech gadgets and enjoy being out with just your running shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!