Staff Blog: Give Track & Field A Try!

Regardless of your age or ability, the sport of track and field is accessible to everyone.

Regardless of your age or ability, the sport of track and field is accessible to everyone.

The beauty of athletics is its purity and enthusiasm, and both of those things were in great abundance last night at the first of four Summer Nights Track Series at University City High School in San Diego.

You might be asking yourself, “What makes an open track meet on a Wednesday night so special?” Well, the adjective used to describe it is exactly what makes it so special! Track and field is a sport that is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of age or ability level. Check out this photo gallery from last night’s meet, where you can see everyone from sub-4 minute miler Lukas Verzbicas to youth sprinters and elderly shot putters having a blast while taking part in the world’s oldest and greatest sport. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, the only time people are ever really exposed to the awesomeness of athletics is when it takes center stage on TV once every four years, and even then it comes across as a sport reserved for the fastest, strongest and most athletic people in the world. That’s what makes events like the Summer Nights Series so great. For 5 bucks you can run in the same meet as an Olympic hopeful or line up next to your 74-year-old neighbor who is trying to break 8 minutes in the mile. Track and field is often viewed as exclusive and intimidating, but the Summer Nights Series — and others like it all around the country — are proof that athletics isn’t just for select group of individuals, it’s for everyone!

If you’re a runner in southern California, check out the Summer Nights Series. If you’re outside the area, look for an open meet in your neck of the woods. Jump in an event and give track & field a try!