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9 Reasons Why Having Running Friends Is Amazing

From lending support to eating with you, running friends are pretty cool. Here are 9 reasons why running friends are the absolute best.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Runners are just good people. That means running friends are the absolute best. But if you need a list of reasons of just why running friends are so amazing, I’ve got you covered.

You always have someone to run with.

Your running  friends are there for you during the three-mile shakeout that you just didn’t really feel like doing. And they are also there for that 20-miler that would have been completely boring without company. It’s so helpful to have a number of people who are always happy to join you.

You get to meet an awesome variety of people.

My running friends range in age from 20 to their 60s. They are employed in a wide variety of different careers. But running brings us together.

They’re supportive.

Your running friends understand what it’s like to accomplish a long run, set a new personal record or finish a marathon. It’s awesome to have the support of people who truly understand the sport.

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They want to hear you talk about running.

It’s a win-win situation, because you probably want to hear them talk about running, too. Not everyone wants to hear every split for your last speed workout, but you can bet that your running buddy will listen.

They want to see you post about running.

The Facebook posts and Instagram photos aren’t going to like themselves. And what is the point of even having Strava if not to review and like all of your friends’ runs. Training partners make it okay to take that sweaty selfie after a great run.

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You can talk it out with them.

Often you’re running together for two or three hours together, so you’re going to have to talk about something. You can be there for your friends, and they can be there for you. Both you and your running buddy will emerge from your miles with solutions to any problem.

They’ll eat with you.

Waffle cones, anyone? One of my friends and I will sometimes get waffle cones together at TCBY after an evening run. I love food, and it’s nice to have friends who will work out with you and then indulge.

You have someone to enjoy races with.

Racing with a friend helps ease those starting line nerves. Plus you don’t have to be alone at the post-race party. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, it’s time to celebrate!

And even if you don’t go to a race with a friend, you’re bound to know someone.

One good thing about runners is that there are a lot of us. If you participate in a race local to your hometown, you’ll likely see someone you know. And even if you don’t know anyone, runners can be pretty social people. I bet you’ll leave the race with some brand new running friends.

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