Portland Parks Foundation Crowdfunding For Wildwood Trail Footbridge

The Portland Parks Foundation is working to improve the safety for both pedestrians and vehicles with a footbridge on the Wildwood Trail.


Wildwood Trail in Portland, Ore., stretches for roughly 30 miles and is part of Forest Park in the northwest part of the city. The trail is a favorite spot of trail runners and hikers alike—it is designated by the Secretary of the Interior as a National Recreation Trail—and 96 percent of the trail is runnable. However, there is one issue: West Burnside Street.

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That street is what has led the Portland Parks Foundation to already raise $2.3 million for the addition of a footbridge, which will pass over West Burnside Street. Right now, the trail crosses right over the street and with its 40 mph speed limit, it has been labeled a problem by local transportation authorities (as far back as 20 years ago). In fact, it is estimated that over 80,000 runners, hikers, walkers and schoolchildren navigate this crossing each year and as many as 20,000 cars flash past each day.


The working budget for the footbridge is 2.5 million, though that number won’t be finalized until the end of 2018. The Portland Parks Foundation hopes to start construction on the footbridge next year. It will be 18 feet high and 190 feet long and was designed by Pacific Northwest artist Ed Carpenter. It was designed with the aesthetic of the local flora and fauna in mind to provide runners and hikers a continuous connection with nature.

Wildwood Bridge_2017-06-08_Perspective

The crowdfunding campaign began September 20 and is now live at

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