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Pilk’s Points: New Year, Old Excuses

Need some motivation to get out the door? Caitlyn Pilkington provides a list of excuses — and refutes each one.

Need some motivation to get out the door? Caitlyn Pilkington provides a list of excuses — and refutes each one.

Gulp. Guilty as charged. If you’ve watched the first half of January fly by without breaking a sweat, chances are you suffer from a case of empty resolutions. You swore you would buy those new trainers, join the gym and work out four times a day on the weekends — but you’re still in bed, wasting that energy on work worries and other unfixable ailments.

I get it — I did it this morning (no, seriously, I did!). The problem with that “approach” is it sends a cranky, disappointed version of you into the office and out into the world. And that’s just not fair to your coworkers … or to you. So break the vicious cycle of “buts” and check out these seriously easy ways to counter those droning “should’ve, could’ve, would’ves”.

“I Don’t Have Time To Work Out”

Fact: I once worked a 15-hour day, which included excessive movement over a 26.2-mile course. I went for a 9-miler after I was done, and it was one of the greatest runs I’ve experienced.

Solutions: Set the alarm an hour earlier, grab a midday run, or go in early to leave early. There is time — you just have to choose to make it.

“I’m Too Tired After Work”

Fact: So am I, along with just about everybody else.

Solutions: Run before work. This doesn’t have a be a staple long run — just three or four quick miles to get the body moving and ready for the day. Late-afternoon caffeine usually allots an extra hour of energy post-work if early morning isn’t your jam.

“I Work Too Many Hours”

Fact: This is a fancy way of rephrasing No. 1.

Solutions: Don’t work more hours than required by your job. It’s a choice to log extra minutes on a project, and I’m confident everyone knows the difference between necessity and being ridiculous.

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“I Don’t Know Where To Start”

Fact: I didn’t know where to start every time I stopped. Then I walked out the door, suffered for a week and got my stride back.

Solutions: Purchase a new pair of sneaks, find a run bud for back-up inspiration, grab a training plan (it’s fool-proof, really) or simply step out the door and start running. Really — it’s that easy. Not working? Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself to go. I did it yesterday, and it worked.

“I Have No Workout Partners”

Fact: I will work out with you! Or someone else will. You just need to ask!

Solutions: Where do I start?, local running stores and Facebook — the truth is (I think you will agree) you DO have partners. You just haven’t asked them yet. Too nervous you’re not fast enough? Chances are they have that same fear. Facebook stalking comes in handy here — people love posting their runs (and paces) all over social media.

“I Can’t Afford Gear”

Fact: You don’t need much more than a pair of shoes.

Solution: Purchase locally — run stores usually offer a discount on shoes and apparel if you share your training goals with them. Be realistic with your needs versus your desires, as most people can get by with one water bottle to carry instead of a full-blown fuel belt. Gear really is personal preference; just because your run bud is decked head to toe in the latest garb doesn’t mean you need to match anything other than their stride.

“Running Hurts”

Fact: Yes it does! But there’s a different between beginner pain and hurt pain.

Solutions: Foam roll, rest, ice bath, stretch, cross-train, fuel and patience. That’s my at-home remedy. Another fact: Ice baths are freezing. A general rule of thumb is consult a doctor if any aches persist for longer than 72 hours.

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“I Hate Running”

Fact: I hated running yesterday.

Solutions: You don’t have to run to break a sweat. There are endless options for anyone drooling for movement. The elliptical is a no-impact alternative (AKA, it doesn’t hurt as much). Swimming is another great option, as is biking, even on the stationary. If you’re looking for a cardio break, try some light strength training to start. At-home remedies include mountain climbers, lunges, leg raises, yoga, push-ups, planks and anything else that you can dig up on our website.

“I’m Not Fast”

Fact: Fast is relative; there will always be someone faster — and slower — than you.

Solutions: Treadmills are a safe way to gauge your own speed without fear of judgment from your peers. Start discussing your goals with friends, coworkers, family and other runners —chances are someone else in one of your circles is feeling the same way. You just started the conversation.

“I Don’t Have An Excuse — I Just Haven’t Gone”

Fact: Um…

Solutions: Stop reading this and go!

Got an excuse? Tweet @caitpilk, because I ran out of them and need one for my 5 a.m. run tomorrow.