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New Trail Running Documentary Highlights the Wild Cornish Coast

The film captures stunning coastal trail running and explores the motivation and strategies of top racers in the Coast Ultra Xtreme.

Runners pining for races and travel can get a vicarious adventure fix watching a new documentary about the Coast Ultra Xtreme, a 3-day, 80-mile challenge along the cliffs of the rugged Cornish coast in southwest England. The film, released today on, merges footage from the race with insightful commentary from the male and female leaders about their motivation, their mindset at different stages of the race, and their training and racing strategies. But, for our money, what makes the film a must-see is the “you are there” trail running footage, taking us along as racers dance across clifftops above seas breaking on the rocky coast below.

“With so many Ultra events cancelled with Covid around the world, this was an event developed to give frustrated athletes the chance to take on an ultra-challenge here in the UK,” said filmmaker Ross Brackley in a press release. “Not only was it an opportunity for athletes to challenge themselves against the stunning Cornish coastline backdrop, but it also gave us a window into mind of the runners, some of which were new faces to the sport — names to keep an eye on in the future!”

Watch The Ultra Mindset – Coast Ultra Xtreme Here

Women's champion Julia Davis during the Coast Ultra Xtreme
Women’s champion Julia Davis during the Coast Ultra Xtreme Photo: