Now that he is with the Oregon Project, he has access to cutting-edge technology.

Mo Farah is using the underwater treadmill three to four times a week. Photo: Runner's World UK

In an interview with Runner’s World UK, the British long-distance superstar, Mo Farah, shed some light on the technological aspects of his training as a member of the Nike Oregon project. Earlier this year, he came over to the United States to train under former New York City and Boston Marathon champion, Alberto Salazar.

“There’s only six of us and we get to access some amazing facilities,” Farah said of his experience with Nike. “One of those is the underwater treadmill, which means you can run extra miles without the same injury risk as running outside. If you feel any niggles or if you’ve already clocked up more than 100 miles that week, you can just add a few extra miles on the side. I probably use it three or four times a week now.”

In the same interview, Farah went on to state that his biggest critic is his six-year-old daughter, Rihanna.

“If I don’t win, I know she’ll give me a hard time,” he said of her.

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