Jay Dicharry Answers Your Reader-Submitted Running Questions

Physical therapist, coach and author of Running Rewired, Jay Dicharry, shares his tips and tricks to preventing and overcoming injuries based on your reader-submitted questions.

Last month, we caught up with physical therapist, biomechanist, coach and author of Running Rewired, Jay Dicharry at The Running Event to learn more about his tips and tricks to prevent or overcome injuries. In this short video, Dicharry answers three reader-submitted questions to help you improve your running performance and meet your fitness goals.

Check out what he has to say and which exercises and stretches you should be doing in partnership with your training to stay healthy.

0:11 – Dicharry opens up with discussing easy ways runners who deal with long-term Achilles problems can build stronger foot foundations and utilize full body exercises.

2:02 – Skip here for advice on dealing with knee and hip pain or if you experience overstriding.

3:57 – Fast forward to this point if you’re a runner who has lower back problems and pain while running.