Happy Trails

Welcome to your new resource for all things trail running.

Welcome! You’ve landed on our new trail running hub, which we’ve lovingly dubbed, “Happy Trails.”

It’s not that we haven’t had trail running content in the past. We’ve run stories on everything from how to find a good running trail, to trail shoe reviews, to tips on how to stay safe out there. We’ve covered how to get faster running uphill and down, and run interesting profiles on inspiring people.

But, now, we’re going to have a lot more. And you’re going to be able to find it all here, in one easy-to-access place.

Our goal is to foster a growing community of trail runners by offering a hearty mix of articles to appeal to all levels of experience—from total beginners, to crossover road runners, to experienced trail runners, to elite trail running competitors, and ultrarunners of all levels.

We’ve revamped some of our existing trail running content, and will be creating a ton of new articles. These new pieces will range from stories chock-full of all sorts of helpful tips (How To), to trail gear reviews (Gear), to profiles, events, essays and happenings in the trail running world (Culture). It’s going to be great, and we want you to join us.

In this uncertain time of a global pandemic, running can serve as a daily escape from an otherwise homebound existence. That is, of course, if outdoor exercise is currently allowed and advised where you live. Connecting with nature on trails can be a wonderful, soul-replenishing activity. But it can also be tricky, as many trails are narrow and hard to maintain a 6-foot distance from other runners. We suggest choosing your routes wisely, and proceeding with care.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with news as it relates to COVID-19 and trail running here, too.

Happy Trails is soon to become your resource, your inspiration, your community, and your overall home for all things trail running.