The Everyman: The Secret To Running

Jason Devaney has found a way to beat the hassles of running in the city.

Jason Devaney has found a way to beat the hassles of running in the city.

A few weeks ago, I was out for a run with my fiancee when I discovered the secret to running in the city: Strollers.

We decided to take her sister’s little tyke out for a quick 3-mile run around the neighborhood in his beefed-up jogging stroller.

And by beefed-up, I mean off-road rated. The tires and shocks on this thing would provide a smooth ride for the little guy if someone were to take him on a pockmarked gravel road in the country.

For this run, however, we stayed on the sidewalks.

As runners, we’re all familiar with the hassles of city running—intersections and crosswalks break up our rhythm, pedestrians get in the way and refuse to move, etc. But when you add a jogging stroller to the mix, everything changes.

It’s like Moses parting the Red Sea, with the stroller and its small passenger serving as Moses and the sea being cars, walkers, and other runners. People see a stroller and they immediately get out of the way—sometimes even moving into the street as we make our way down the sidewalk.

When drivers stopped in the middle of a crosswalk see you waiting to cross with a stroller, they literally BACK UP to allow you through. If they’re approaching the crosswalk and see you, they throw the car in park, get out, and wave a green flag as you run across the street. I felt like a NASCAR driver at the start of a race.

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So here’s an idea: Let’s all go out and buy a jogging stroller, whether we have a kid or not, and take it out for a run. You may want to put a small doll in there for added affect. If someone were to peer in and see a baby-less stroller, you might get some funny looks. And it could put your entire plan in jeopardy.

Reminds me of drivers that strap dummies into the passenger seat so they can take advantage of the HOV lanes. Only in our case, there are no fines associated with violating the rule.

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