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9 Things Runners Shouldn’t Apologize For

So what if we talk about our splits or spend all of our money on race registrations?

We runners are unique in our habits and patterns. At times, we may feel self-conscious about the very things that make us true runners. Below are nine things that you — the runner — definitely do not need to apologize for.

Spending money on races and gear.

Everyone has their priorities. Some people like to spend money on fine wine or delicious food. Others prefer putting their dollars towards running. To each his own.

Going to bed early.

We’ve all been there. You are out with a group of friends on a Friday night. Just when someone is about to order another round, you quietly announce that you need to get home because you have a long run in the morning. Sure your friends will chide you and call you “no fun” or “annoyingly healthy.” Screw them. An early morning long run sure beats a hangover.

Talking about running.

It’s true that we runners love to discuss all things running. The problem is that this can quickly bore your non-running friends. While you don’t have to discuss running ad nauseam, there is nothing wrong with sharing a bit about your training. After all, how is this different than someone sharing about their kids or their game of golf?

Putting race stickers on our cars.

We runners have been criticized for putting stickers on our cars that show how far we’ve run in a race. We’re called braggarts. No need to succumb to the naysayers. You trained hard and conquered the distance. Display it proudly!


The expulsion of air while running is inevitable. Gas comes out so abruptly and frequently while running because it can speed up the digestion process. Combine that with the pounding of your feet, and you get the fart frequency. It’s nearly impossible to hold those babies in while running, so don’t apologize for your thunderous emissions—own them.

Stuffing our faces.

When we run, we burn about 100 calories per mile. That means we’ve got some replenishing to do. Runners are a hungry bunch, and we can consume large quantities at times. Don’t apologize for stuffing your face. Just politely ask someone to pass the cake.

Snot rockets/spitting.

When you’re running, your nose warms and moistens the air you breathe before it reaches your lungs. This produces mucus in your nose and throat. All of this excess phlegm has to go somewhere, and that’s where snot rockets and spitting come in. Like farting, getting the mucus out of our bodies is just a side effect of this sport.

Running while on vacation.

Some people believe that vacations are all about lying around and consuming as many drinks and plates of nachos as possible. They will balk when you say you are going for a run because it does not fit into their idea of what one should do on vacation. What they don’t understand is that running enhances your vacation experience because you love to run in new locations. Run first thing in the morning. Then you have the rest of day to over-indulge without quite as much of the guilt.

Going commando.

Many runners don’t wear underwear. Some do it to avoid panty lines, while others prefer to let their skin breathe. Running shorts come with built-in liners, so wearing underwear can seem redundant. Plus, not wearing undies cuts down on laundry. No need to be sorry for that!

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