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6 Reasons Why Running Rocks

Share this list with your friends and show them why running rocks!

Sometimes, you just have to experience it to get it.

Certainly, a non-runner in your life will have trouble understanding why you wake up before sunrise, slip on your running shoes and go push your physical limits for several miles before everyone else gets out of bed. How do you explain why running rocks to someone who’s skeptical?

Let us help you out, especially as National Running Day approaches on June 3rd. The next time someone wonders why you’re constantly out on the roads, frequently signing up for races and always visiting your local specialty running store, have this list ready:

1. It’s healthy.

It’s no secret that regular exercise is an effective way to prevent and treat many chronic diseases (heart disease, hypertension, obesity, depression and more), as well as improve cardiovascular health and longevity.

One 15-year observational study of 52,000 adults found that runners had a 19 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality compared with non-runners. And it’s not a ridiculous amount of running either—the study concluded that the “sweet spot” was 20 miles or less per week, running about every other day.

The health benefits of running have long been understood by runners, and with good reason—science backs it up.

2. It’s inclusive.

Certainly, you can load up on tons of running gear—several pairs of shoes, moisture-wicking clothes, a GPS watch, sunglasses, hydration belts and more. All provide benefits to runners on some level.

But you really only need one thing to start running—the willpower to get going. You can jump on a treadmill at the gym, hit a path by the beach or meander onto a trail in the mountains. Or you can just step outside your front door and do a mile around the neighborhood. No activity is more inclusive, and that’s another reason why running rocks.

3. It’s challenging.

Whatever your ability level, running rocks because it offers dynamic goals that help you bring out your best. Want to finish a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event? Great goal. Want to qualify for Boston? Go for it! Want to run 5 miles without walking? You can do it! Want to run a sub-2 hour half marathon? Put in the work and make it happen!

Greg Lemond was speaking of cycling when he uttered the classic line, “It doesn’t get easier, you just go faster.” That certainly applies to running as well. Whether you’re a 2:30 marathoner or a 2:30 half marathoner, a new goal is always right there and ready for you to conquer.

4. It’s bonding.

There are few activities that are more social than running. The New York City Marathon is run alongside 50,000 of your friends, and, on some level, everyone has something awesome in common: you’re all out there doing it! On a more granular level, your local specialty running shop likely has group runs once or twice a week—a great way to share your love of running with others who are just like you.

5. It’s inspiring.

You’d be surprised how something like running a 5K can inspire someone close to you to get moving. Running is contagious, and seeing others reach their running goals can inspire you, and vice versa. It creates a chain-reaction that makes the world a healthier, more supportive (and faster!) place.

6. It’s fun!

Perhaps the most obvious reason running rocks—it’s fun! Participation in running has grown substantially around the world in the last two decades. The number of marathon and half marathon finishers continues to go up, reaching record levels in 2014 that could certainly be exceeded in 2015.

The numbers don’t lie. The secret is out. Running is fun. It’s inspiring. It’s bonding. It’s challenging. It’s inclusive. It’s healthy. Running rocks. 

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