5 Rules for Runners to Live in Polite Society

Let your runner flag fly without alienating those you love with these rules.

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Be aware of how you present yourself to non-runners.

Please heed the following advice to let your runner flag fly without alienating those you love:

Shower Up

You may call your post-run smell musky, but co-workers call it body odor. Hit the showers or keep wet wipes and deodorant handy. Copious amounts of cologne or perfume, or enough muscle rub to make them tear up, are not acceptable substitutes for soap and water.

Dress Appropriately

Running clothes are appropriate for weekend brunches with your running partners or casual friends, but unless you have a lax work environment or work for an endurance company, it’s probably best to leave the neon at home and cover up those pasty tan lines for your next meeting. Keep it classy, people.

Race Discreetly

If you decide to run a race, be it a 5K, 10K, 50-miler or across the Sahara Desert, not to burst your bubble, but you aren’t the first person to do so. We’ll be cheering the whole way, but your cube mate might not give a rip about your 6.2-mile totally rad PR.

Practice Modesty

A couple of race medals and bibs in a cubicle or on a bulletin board are inspirational. So many that they cover every inch of your office or take up more drawer space than family photos, and you might be approached for an intervention. Keep the most meaningful pieces, and store, give away or get crafty with the rest. And while it’s great to wear a medal post-race, it could come off as obnoxious to still be wearing it a week after your event.

Be Worldly

Running is exciting and exhilarating and infinitely interesting, but only if you run. Stay up-to-date on current events, news, movies, blogs and books so you have more to discuss than split times and nipple bandages.