He didn’t think he did anything wrong.

Some strange running news out of Boulder, Colorado: a runner is facing an animal-cruelty charge for tying a cat’s leash to a rock while he jogged.

Seth Franco, 19, decided to go running and thought it would be a good idea to take his cat along with him.

“She ran about 45% of the way, and then it was so hot she started panting real bad,” he said. Franco then tied the leash around a rock and continued to jog around a lake.

Franco says he found the cat originally tethered to a tree behind his high school six months ago.

But one passerby wasn’t happy at the sight of the cat tied up and said it was being attacked by birds.

Franco disagrees: “There were no birds going at her. There were crows crowing at her.”

When Franco returned from his run, he met the wrath of fellow exercise enthusiasts. “They were yelling at me, telling me I abuse my animal. I did not,” Franco said. “If anything, I just take care of it.”

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