It’s Day 1 of the IAAF World Championships! It’s also Day 1 of a new Competitor Running weekly feature where we talk to some of the world’s elite runners and they give us some things they can’t run without.

First up this week is Colleen Quigley, who ran in the Rio Olympics in the 3000-meter steeplechase. She took some time to share with us what she can’t run without while she’s in London!

  1. The USA jersey (pictured above) with my last name pinned to it. When I put on this singlet it reminds me that I am representing not only my family and my team [Nike’s Bowerman Track Club] but also my country. There are so many people watching Team USA and cheering us on. I feel so proud to wear the jersey and compete against the best track athletes in the world.
  2. My favorite Nike spikes that make me feel fast and strong! When I put on my racing shoes I want to feel confident, comfortable, and powerful.
  3. The right warmup tunes. I usually listen to music on the drive to the track for a workout or race to get myself in the right mood. Some of the tunes make me wanna dance, some have uplifting lyrics like Sia’s “Unstoppable,” and some just make me feel like a badass. Listen on Spotify here.
  4. Hair and makeup. This might sound crazy to some as I’m already sweating before I even show up to the start line for my race. However, I believe that if you look good, you feel good and you will perform well! I want to show up to the race feeling confident and this is part of that.
  5. The support of my family, friends, and BTC team! These people encourage me, support me in my goals and remind me that I’m loved whether I win any medals.
  6. HOTSHOT. This little bottle is luckily super travel friendly so I can easily take it wherever I train and race. I rely on it extra in the summer heat when my body feels drained from the sun. It’s the extra boost I need to rejuvenate and combat muscle cramps.