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Cross Country Spike Review

It’s a great time to be a cross country runner. Today’s cross country spikes are more comfortable and more supportive than ever, while also lighter and faster. This season’s selection of new spikes introduces new brands to the category and delivers a wide range of styles to provide strong options for every type of runner and stride.

Photo: Brad Kaminski Asics Hyper XC 2 Price: $65 Weight: 6.1 oz Unisex

Asics updated the upper on its only cross-country spike, making it more flexible, breathable and comfortable. While the sole remained unchanged, we found the new upper also improved the ride, which didn’t surprise Asics. “Often times, due to the construction techniques—such as the way the upper is connected to the sole—and enhanced materials, the overall feel and sensation of flexibility can be improved,” says Madeline Clarke, Merchandising and Product Manager of Core Performance. 

Photo: Brad Kaminski Underfoot, the five spike pins are embedded into the rubber outsole/midsole without any propulsion plate, keeping the sole flexible and the ride smooth and accessible. The heel-to-toe layer of cushioning and molded arch support also made the spikes easy for new racers to adapt to. “Many new athletes find the Hyper XC 2 as a great transition shoe from the traditional trainer or racing flat feel they’re used to,” says Clarke.  That ride, the accommodating fit, and the price tag make this an easy choice for middle school and entry-level high school runners.

Bottom Line:  A great value for entry-level runners for its comfortable, familiar ride underfoot, with improved fit.

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