The cross-country run benefited victims of the terror bombing at the Boston Marathon.

On June 7, an emotional relay kicked off in Los Angeles. It’s called the One Run for Boston and was an effort to raise money for the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombing that took place on April 15 at the finish line of that storied race.

Since that time, thousands of runners have traversed the country passing on a weathered baton that has been nicknamed “Miles.”

Participants in the relay paid $50 to run a leg solo or $25 to run with a group. The proceeds benefited the One Fund.

According to an article posted on the USA Today website, that relay came to an end on Saturday when eight runners representing legs of the journey, disembarked from a boat in New York City and presented the baton at the 9/11 memorial.

“I feel like what happened in Boston happened to all of us,” said runner Beatriz Olivera.  “I felt it was important for all of us to collectively get together and do something like this.”