Over 1,300 runners came up empty handed at the end.

According to a report from a Chicago-area ABC news station, an internal investigation is underway to determine how the organizers of the Chicago Marathon lost over one-thousand finishing medals.

The race was held last Sunday.

Apparently, the staff ordered enough medals to hand out one to every runner who finished faster than six hours and thirty minutes.

Missing race items is a recurring theme this year as officials also didn’t have enough race shirts to hand out to the 45,000 runners who signed up  and paid for the race.

“As part of our efforts to understand how this occurred, we confirmed that we did purchase more than enough medals,” said a race official. “Knowing this, we are looking into the reasons why we did not have enough medals at the finish line. This includes interviewing staff and volunteers at the finish line, checking inventory delivered into Grant Park, talking to security and more.”

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