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Come here to find everything from strength-training workouts to distance-specific exercises and how to PR on your next race.

Running In Circles

Track Workouts Can Take You Places The Open Road Can’t. By John Bingham   Okay, I was wrong. For years, the whole idea of track workouts for someone like me just didn’t make any sense. It’s bad enough to be slow when I’m out on the road, alone. Why in the world would I want […]

Sex, Lies And Videotapes

Sit Down For A Private Screening– And Prepare To Be Shocked. By John Bingham   This column has very little to do with sex. (But I grabbed your attention, didn’t I?)  Instead, it’s about the big and small lies we tell ourselves, and about how the truth was revealed to me on videotape. About 6 […]

When To Say When

Okay, It Was The Right Thing To Do. So Why Does It Hurt So Much? By John Bingham   It isn’t always easy being a runner. It isn’t always easy being the Penguin. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to be both and to be true to either. One of the canons of the Penguin philosophy is […]

The Popeye Syndrome

What I Learned While Searching For My Own Can Of Spinach. By: John Bingham   People are always calling me names. I’ve been labeled a baby boomer, a hippie, a yuppie, cool, uncool and clueless. In addition to these, I’m part of the Television Generation. It’s true. Growing up, I spent time with Roy and […]

Gold Medal Moments

You Don’t Have To Be An Elite Athlete To Understand The Olympic Spirit. By John Bingham Have I ever mentioned that I have the greatest job in the world? It’s true. I get to participate in the best races around the globe and meet running royalty from the past and present. There are times I […]

The Latest Model

No Matter How Long You’ve Been Running Or How Fast Your Times, There’s Always Room For Improvement. By John Bingham I’m a gearhead. from the time I was a kid and first threaded a nut onto a bolt, I was fascinated with mechanics. So when I was invited to speak to Honda’s running club during the […]

A Change Of Course

Learning To Rethink What It Means To Succeed  By John Bingham   Sometimes you meet a person and you just know that he or she has a life lesson to share. That’s what happened when I met Mike in March. We and about 80 other runners were aboard the Ocean Nova, bound for Antarctica Marathon […]

My Way Or The Highway

Sometimes It Pays To Ask For Directions By John Bingham   My wife, Jenny, recently gave me a GPS navigation unit-not the kind you run with, but the kind for you car. Plug in your destination, and the GPS calculates directions. Mine had a name (Jack) and a voice that talks you through the directions. […]

Back To Basics

The Secret To Running Well Is Simpler Than Your Think By John Bingham   In a past life, I earned a doctorate in education and spent years working in higher ed. One of my greatest influences was my doctoral adviser, the late Dr. Charles Leonhard at the University of Illinois. Dr. Leonhard approached education with […]

Notes Of Perfection

All Of Us Can Experience Moments Of Greatness By John Bingham   For 45 years Edward Kleinhammer was a bass trombonist with Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He was, by any measure, the finest bass trombonist who ever picked up the horn. For 45 years he played magnificent music in one of the world’s premier orchestras under […]