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Come here to find everything from strength-training workouts to distance-specific exercises and how to PR on your next race.

High Altitude Preparation

From Sir Edmund Hillary to the weekend warrior, we are always pushing our own personal limits by going farther, faster and of course higher than we have ever been before. Our quest to challenge ourselves is what is so fulfilling when climbing a peak, running a marathon or sailing a long-distance regatta. With all these […]

Learning From The Young

I was poking around online the other day, just one of those random acts of surfing that begin so innocently and end up becoming a two-hour abuse of time, when I came upon a Runner’s World forum on the pros and cons of ice baths. I’m a big fan of them, and make my runners take […]

Runners Set New Personal Records With The Runner’s Diary

Next to running shoes, a training diary is the most important piece of training equipment a runner owns. Running coach and fitness journalist Matt Fitzgerald has improved upon this critical training tool with his new book, The Runner’s Diary: A Daily Training Log. Whether training to set a personal record in a 5K race or […]

Up And Over

Every New Runner Encounters A Few Bumps Now And Then-The Key Is To Push On By John Bingham   I got my first e-mail address in the mid 1980’s when I was an administrator of at the University of Illinois. At that time, sending email was a novel concept. Since I knew only two other […]

White Line Fever

Believe It Or Not, The Human Machine Can Equal The Power Of A Harley. By John Bingham   Until I discovered running, I had only two passions in life: music and motorcycles. Each fueled the other, and employment in one usually meant greater opportunities to pursue the other. For many years, this combination was perfect-I […]

Point To Point

Reflections On Running From One Journey To The Next By John Bingham   Ten years ago this month, I wrote a column celebrating my 50th birthday called “Out and Back” in which I waxed romantically that I had reached the proverbial orange cone indicating the turnaround point in my life. The challenges of my first […]

Of Penguins and Prefontaine

The Measure Of A True Runner Has Little To Do With Speed. By John Bingham   Steve Prefontaine, arguably the heart and spirit of American distance running, once said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” At first glance, that may not seem like a Penguin point of view. But […]

Faith, Hope And Charities

Running For Something Other Than Yourself Is The Greatest Gift Of Our Sport  By John Bingham   In the fall of 1966, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Over the next couple of years, her family and friends watched helplessly as both the disease and its treatment took a toll […]

Running In Circles

Track Workouts Can Take You Places The Open Road Can’t. By John Bingham   Okay, I was wrong. For years, the whole idea of track workouts for someone like me just didn’t make any sense. It’s bad enough to be slow when I’m out on the road, alone. Why in the world would I want […]

Sex, Lies And Videotapes

Sit Down For A Private Screening– And Prepare To Be Shocked. By John Bingham   This column has very little to do with sex. (But I grabbed your attention, didn’t I?)  Instead, it’s about the big and small lies we tell ourselves, and about how the truth was revealed to me on videotape. About 6 […]