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Come here to find everything from strength-training workouts to distance-specific exercises and how to PR on your next race.

Heart To Heart To Heart

Bad Family History? You Can Run But You Can’t Hide By John Bingham   This year has been filled with a number of heart-wrenching moments for the Bingham family. First, in June, while doing her final track workout before competing in her fifth Senior Olympics, my mom-my 79-year-old, never overweight, nearly vegetarian, exercise-fanatic mom-collapsed and […]

Mind Games

The Rewards Of Racing Can’t Be Measured By A Stopwatch. By John Bingham   After college it seemed that I would decide to get back in shape about once every 10 years. In my early 20s, I took up tennis. In my early 30s, I played racquetball. And, of course, in my early 40s, I […]

Better Late Then Never

The Transformative Powers Of Running Apply At Any Age By John Bingham   Last April, I Went to the Yakima Rive Canyon marathon, a point-to-point race from Ellensburg to Selah, Washington. I was there to help 77-year-old Bob Dolphin celebrate the completion of his 400th marathon. You heard right. A 77-year-old doing his 400th marathon, […]

Running Off At The Mind

Imagining The Worse Is Never Best. By John Bingham A few weeks ago, I was running on my brand spankin’ new treadmill, which currently resides in the middle of my living room in Chicago. It’s a fairly high-end model with lots of bells and whistles: one-touch pace adjustment, instant elevation options for both incline and […]

Rubbed the Wrong Way

The Author Gains A New Perspective On Massage. By John Bingham I’m not ready to say that I was wrong. I am ready, however, to acknowledge that I might not have been completely right. How’s that for personal growth? A couple of months ago, I injured my back picking up a package, so I’ve been […]

Body Language

The Author Thought His Sturdy Frame Could Take Just About Anything-Until It Talked Back By John Bingham   Early this year, I was running often and well, doing more speed workouts (okay, maybe not technically speed workouts, but certainly less-slow workouts) and looking forward to racing a 10-K. Then I spent nearly four weeks traveling […]

The Hard Way

Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Go All-Out. By John Bingham There have been a couple of times in my running career when I’ve needed to see a physical therapist. In each case, it was because I had done something stupid. (Who knew the rule against doubling your mileage in a single week applied to me, […]

Who Needs A Reason?

Forget Stress. One Of The Best Things About Running Is That It’s Absolutely Unnecessary. By John Bingham   I don’t have to run. Very few of us do, really. It’s not like we’re chasing down our food. We don’t have to escape from predators. Heck, most of us don’t have to run to catch a […]

Perfect Harmony

No Matter How Fast Or Slow You Run, Your Presence On The Roads makes Our Sport Stronger By John Bingham   I admit it. I was an elitist. Not a running elitist, but a musical elitist. As a professional musician, I couldn’t understand why some people would want to claw their way through Beethoven’s “Moonlight […]

A Perfect Ten

A Decade After First Addressing His Flock, The Penguin Looks Back On Where He’s Been–And Where He’s Going. By John Bingham I can see the finish line, and I feel an emotional rush that transforms me from a mere mortal into a mythical creature with winged feet. Well, okay, maybe not winged feet. How about […]