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Nike Unveils “Space Cabin”

Never shy of embracing technology, Nike has unveiled a new post-run ice bath substitute: the cryosauna.

Recovery: Quantitative Measurement

In the third installment of our new 13-part Recovery video series, Sage Rountree explains how quantifying your recovery by establishing heart rate metrics will help you avoid overtraining and perform to your full potential. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Recovery: Qualitative Measurement

In the second installment of our new Recovery video series, Sage Rountree explains why it’s important to track your recovery in addition to logging your training. Click here to watch the video.

Ask The Experts: How Many Half Marathons Are Too Many?

Hello Mario, I have been running now for two and a half years. In those two and a half years I have run fifteen 5K’s, six 5-mile races, and one half marathon, with the break down of races being five the first year, nine the second year (with one of those being the half marathon) […]

Crocs Develops Recovery Footwear For Athletes’s Sean McKeon got a preview of new products coming out from Crocs in 2010. The newest Crocs line is called Prepair, a new set a footwear that is focused on recovery. The sandals and clogs look similar to original Crocs products but offer the added benefit of designs and materials meant to aid in […]

American Runner Meb Keflezighi Talks NYC Marathon And More

Fresh off his New York City Marathon victory, Meb Keflezighi came in studio to chat about coming to America at the age of 12, discovering running, his Olympic Silver in 2004, and the whirlwind his life has become since winning New York. [display_podcast]

Back On The Bus: Respect

“If I had my competitive career to run over again, I would change some of my attitudes to injuries. I would show them more respect. Because after all, injuries weren’t some unknown barrier that I was trying to crash through. Injuries were simply my body telling me that something wrong was happening.” These words are […]

Sports Science Update: Heart Rate Recovery Indicates Fitness, Fatigue

A new study suggests monitoring your heart rate recovery day to day may be worthwhile. Heart rate recovery refers to how long it takes for one’s heart rate to return to resting level after completion of exercise. Heart rate recovery is faster in aerobically fit individuals than in less fit persons. This much has been […]