Recipes: Page 8

Kitchen MacGyver: Whole Grain French Toast

Brunch poses two dilemmas for me: First, because of its timing (combination of two meals), I can overeat pretty easily, particularly when there’s a cornucopia of baked goods, fruits, eggs, etc.; second, I’m almost always torn between a sweet and starchy choice (like pancakes) and a salty, protein-heavy option (like a frittata). French toast can […]

Kitchen MacGyver: What’s For Lunch?

If tossing a frozen meal, canned soup or leftover pizza into your purse or backpack is your idea of brown bagging it, read this article!

Kitchen MacGyver: Rainy Day Bolognese

Today’s recipe is dedicated to the more than 19,700 finishers of the 2011 L.A. Marathon. Despite wind, hail and unrelenting rain, an astounding number of finishers persevered, and record-setting performances were made by winner Markos Geneti and women’s runner-up Amy Hastings. The Los Angeles Times reported that thousands of runners were evaluated for hypothermia and […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Tropical Smoothie

This tropical smoothie--a sweet, but protein- and vitamin-packed pick-me-up after a semi-long run--is perfect for mornings when the sun sleeps in.

Kitchen MacGyver: Anti-Aging, Heart-Healthy Pasta

Marathoners, triathletes, swimmers and any other type of athlete can still clog their arteries and suffer from heart attacks (although admittedly less frequently than non-active people).