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Kitchen MacGyver: Arugula, Asiago and Mushroom Salad

Borrowing from the “let high-quality ingredients shine” Italian food philosophy, eating well not only for good health but also for performance should be achieved easily when the following three principles are employed: restraint, selectivity and simplicity. The best runners in the world eat simply; I’ve dined with several Kenyan and Ethiopian elites over the years […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Quick Tomato-stewed Greens and Garbanzos

When my husband had to travel to the San Francisco bay area for a weekend business trip, I knew it was my chance once again to cook a Godzilla-big batch of bitter greens. Although swiss chard and kale tend to be my favorite greens to cook, I opted for variety and tried a collard green […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Turkey Sliders

I recently interviewed Devin Alexander, host of FitTV’s “Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander” and bestselling author of the “Biggest Loser” cookbook series. I asked her how she might remake the classic burger to make it healthier and more figure friendly and, of course, she’d already done it for one of her amazing cookbooks. She shared […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Lamb-free Easter

I don’t like lamb—gamey meats are unappetizing to me, so I buck tradition and have a lamb-free Easter each year. Grilled pork loin makes a wonderful substitute for lamb, and if you’re savvy enough with a knife to remove the silver skin and other fatty bits before you marinate the loin (or just ask your […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Spring Green Soup

Hope springs eternal this time of year: As young buds sprout on tree branches, tender green leaves and grass extend shyly toward the sun, and children dye eggs for Easter celebrations, the days stretch a little longer as each week brings us closer to summer. In many parts of the country, early spring is hardly […]

Kitchen MacGyver: Veggie Israeli Couscous

This recipe is an ideal dinner to have the night before a long run or ride because it provides plenty of vitamins and antioxidants from the vegetables, as well as protein and carbs. Because Israeli (or pearl) couscous doesn’t contain fiber, it’s a good choice before a real endurance effort (I’ve found that the veggies […]